EDGEFX housings are available in 1U, 2U, and 4U sizes that mount in 19″ racks or cabinets.


Combine these housings with the EDGE® modules, panels, trunks, harnesses and jumpers to experience an industry-leading solution.

The reduced depth of the rack-mount housings allow for the back-to-back installation in 4-post racks or cabinets as well as third-party floor boxes.

1U EMOD – Mounting Bracket


96-fibre LC density in a 1U space – More fibres per rack space than traditional Plug & Play™ System housings

Holds 8 EDGE® modules or panels Allows for seamless integration between 10G and 40/100G

Only 4.2” deep – Enables mounting in third-party floor boxes and other space-restricted applications

Fiber Zone Box

Housing that can mount in the floor.


Accommodates EDGE® solutions modules and panels

Removable back-plate – Allows easy installation and accessibility of modules and panels

Robust lock – Provides additional security

19” rack space – Allows for copper and fiber installation options

Multi-position bulkhead – Increases ease of use in subfloor/overhead applications


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