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MCT - Multi Cable Transit - Is a system, used in various types of projects, that ensures a complete sealing of entrances and exits of pipes and cables.

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The Roxtec sealing system is a mechanical sealing solution available for various applications,

including multiple as well as single-cable and pipe penetrations using Multidiameter™ modules for cable or pipe diameters from 3mm - 580mm.

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Multidiameter™ revolutionized the complicated process of cable and pipe installation,

allowing designers and users to perform their tasks without knowing the size or number of cables in advance.

You can benefit from Roxtec's products in a wide variety of industries, each with its own requirements and needs:

Construction, OEM, Telecom, Marine, Army, Power, Oil & Gas, Underground and more...

Roxtec also specializes in specific markets with needs of protection against explosions, EMIs and earthing.


The Flexible Sealing System Roxtec's cable and pipe seals ensure safety, efficiency and operational reliability.

Whether you are an owner, designer or installer, you can rely on Roxtec's solutions, wherever cables and pipes run through openings – and whatever size they are.

Standardize for success Roxtec as a standard solution is beneficial for owners who demand long-term operational reliability – and a good return on their investments.

It is also perfect for designers who need a smart solution and for installers who want to make a good job easier.

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