Plug & Play™ Universal Solutions

Corning Plug & Play™ universal systems are preterminated optical fiber cabling systems designed to dramatically improve performance for the increasing demand for high speeds in data center LAN/SAN, enterprise building backbone and fiber-to-the-desk applications.



High-density cable is used for 12- and 24-fiber trunks to provide high density in low-fiber-count applications and easier routing in patch panels.


For 36- to 144-fiber applications, high-density cable provides space savings and convenient fiber deployment.


Universal wired components

Enable moves, adds and changes without polarity concerns; provide a simple migration path between 2-fiber and parallel optic applications

Standard and low-loss components

Provide means of meeting increasingly stringent network performance requirements

100G ready performance

Ensures product will meet the requirements of 100G Ethernet applications

Maximum skew of 0.75 ns

Product is assured to work in parallel optic applications for Ethernet, Fiber Channel and InfiniBand


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